Connect, control, and monitor more: Olarm ships the Olarm LINK

Oct 9, 2023

The Olarm smart ecosystem is expanding -

Allowing users and response companies to monitor and control more devices remotely.

Olarm is proud to announce the Olarm LINK, the latest innovative addition to its range of smart security products. Building on the success of smart-enabling, monitoring and controlling alarm systems and electric fences, Olarm has used its expertise in smart automation to create a new solution for Olarm customers to integrate their gates, garage doors, pumps and other electrical products with their Olarm APP and Olarm PRO communicator. 

With the Olarm LINK, users can now smart-enable and control more devices from their phone with AI-based state detection and real-time notifications.

Next-Generation Smart Monitoring

Olarm LINK offers end users and response companies powerful compatibility for more possibilities - turning almost any motorised device into a digitally controlled, AI-enabled smart device.

“Customer usability, simplicity and reliability are at the heart of Olarm. The Olarm LINK includes our SmartInput AI technology, enabling us to build smart integrations into gates and other traditionally dumb devices. Paired with Olarm PRO, the system creates remote control & management solutions that are load-shedding resilient.” said Chris Hall, Olarm Commercial Director.

The Olarm LINK 

Olarm LINK is a smart control and sensing device that allows users to easily control a wide range of devices, including gates, garage motors, boom gates, water pumps, lights and more. It significantly broadens the scope of what the Olarm PRO and Olarm PRO 4G smart communicator can connect to - transforming everyday objects into valuable smart devices using SmartInput AI to create a simple and easy integration for approved devices with two-way app functionality.

“We saw the need in the market for a multi-purpose smart controller that solves diverse integration requirements in a single device”, said Justin Zondagh, Olarm’s CTO.

The Olarm LINK provides end users with smart sensing and control over multiple systems through a single app. A popular use case is for controlling gates and garage doors. Olarm LINK not only does that but also knows when they were opened and by whom. Users were overjoyed at being able to do away with remotes.

For alarm receiving centres, estates and monitoring companies, you can now add multiple sensing inputs and outputs to various products over a wide geographic area with real-time information. It can easily enable control of multiple device types, from garage doors, gates, lights, pumps, and many more motorised devices. All are connected to customers’ same easy-to-use Olarm APP for unified control.

How the Olarm LINK works

Existing Device + Olarm LINK + Olarm PRO + Olarm APP = Smart Control. 

The Olarm LINK can be used for a wide range of applications - 

  • Devices: Gates, Garage doors, Lights, Booms, Doors, Pumps and more. 

  • Monitoring status: Open, Closed, AC Fail, Battery Status, Tamper and Alarm. 

  • Controlling a device: On, Off, Latch, Pulse, Open and Close. 

Main features: 

  • Seamless smart property to Control Room experience 

  • 6x I/O Ports & 2x Relays 

  • DIN rail mountable with tamper detection

  • Multiple communication technologies, including 2G/4G & WiFi (paired with an Olarm PRO)

  • WiFi enables customers to connect in areas where mobile coverage is unreliable, such as during load shedding. 

  • Olarm-managed SIMs remove the hassle of managing top-ups and prepaid sims

  • Can be configured to route signals into your Control Room via Contact ID. 

  • Remote OTA (over-the-air) firmware updates 

Powerful technology, powerful results: 

  • Reliable Connectivity: 5-layer connectivity - maximum reliability during power outages and network failures.

  • Additional Value: Integrate with existing systems for a security-first smart solution.

  • Easy Installation: Simple to install using Olarm’s online training and expert support. 

  • Monitor and Control: Manage access, and see device status.

What happens during loadshedding? 

Olarm is manufactured and engineered in South Africa, where the need for reliable connectivity is well understood, especially during times of regular power outages. To achieve reliable connectivity, the Olarm LINK leverages the Olarm PRO’s range of robust connectivity technologies, including Olarm-managed 4G SIM cards and WiFi. (The Olarm-managed SIM cards are included as part of the Olarm subscription, so you need not worry about purchasing or expiring data.)

Note: The Olarm PRO (sold separately) and Olarm APP with an active subscription are required. Installation by a qualified professional only. 

For more information about the Olarm LINK: