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Bridging Access Control & Connectivity with Olarm LINK

Jul 15, 2023

Olarm LINK Access Control
Olarm LINK Access Control

As the world embraces technology, the importance of superior access control solutions cannot be overstated. Olarm is once again leading the charge in security innovation, combining advanced connectivity with remote access control through its new product, Olarm LINK, powered by Olarm PRO 4G.

Uniting Access Control with High-Speed Connectivity

The Olarm LINK ushers in a new era of access control, offering users an all-in-one solution for remote monitoring and control of gates, garage doors, doors, booms, and more. But what sets it apart from other products is its integration with the Olarm PRO 4G, enhancing the remote access capabilities with unparalleled connectivity.

The Olarm PRO 4G harnesses the power of Dual SIM 4G and WiFi networks to provide seamless, uninterrupted connectivity. This superior managed connectivity ensures that the Olarm LINK maintains a robust and stable connection to your device, even in locations with spotty network coverage.

How Olarm LINK and Olarm PRO 4G Work Together

The Olarm LINK is connected to the Olarm PRO 4G, an advanced connectivity module that guarantees consistent communication between your access points and your device. This connection is facilitated by the Olarm Mobile App on your smartphone, which acts as the control center for your security setup.

With this setup, you can effortlessly monitor and operate your access points from virtually anywhere, thanks to the dependable connectivity offered by the PRO 4G. This integration ensures that your commands are promptly executed and that you receive real-time notifications about any potential security breaches.

Advantages of Combining Access Control with Olarm PRO 4G

  1. Enhanced Remote Monitoring: The combination of Olarm LINK and Olarm PRO 4G improves the reliability to remote access to your security system, wherever you may be.

  2. Improved Response Time: The fast and reliable connectivity offered by the Olarm PRO 4G guarantees the instantaneous execution of your commands.

  3. Superior Security: With real-time notifications and seamless connectivity, your property's security is significantly enhanced.

  4. Easy Setup: The integration of Olarm LINK and Olarm PRO 4G is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy to install and operate.

  5. Reliable Connectivity: With Dual SIM 4G and WiFi networks, you can be assured of robust, uninterrupted connectivity at all times.

The Olarm LINK, in conjunction with the Olarm PRO 4G, signifies a significant leap in the field of remote access control. Not only does it offer superior remote monitoring capabilities, but it also provides the benefits of enhanced connectivity, making it an invaluable addition to your security setup. Embrace the future of access control and connectivity with Olarm LINK and Olarm PRO 4G.