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OSPAs Celebrate Olarm's Innovation as Outstanding Security Integrator

Jun 7, 2023

Olarm OSPAs 2023
Olarm OSPAs 2023

Olarm has been awarded the winner as 'Outstanding Security Integrator’ and was a finalist for 'Outstanding New Product' for the highly anticipated 2023 South African edition of The OSPAs - The Outstanding Security Performance Awards. The OSPAs acknowledge and celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of security experts and establishments in the security sector, who have showcased exemplary performance and inventive approaches.

The Olarm ecosystem makes existing security devices and systems smarter. 

It is compatible with all leading alarm panel brands (such as Paradox, IDS, DSC & Texecom) and electric fences (Nemtek supported with JVA coming soon). The Olarm communicator is designed for ease of use, app-enabling both existing and new installations.

The Olarm communicator provides an innovative and creative solution across the security sphere, catering to end-customers' needs, monitoring and response companies, and installers by offering a simple, smart, and secure solution for remotely managing and controlling peripherals. 

Outstanding New Product - Olarm PRO 4G

With 4G, 2G, and WiFi connectivity, the more recent communicator, the Olarm PRO 4G delivers unmatched resilience and redundancy. This ensures a constant connection, rapid speeds, enhanced reliability, and security, addressing communication issues frequently encountered during load-shedding and power failures. As a result, users can enjoy peace of mind and assurance. 

The Olarm PRO 4G stands out for its versatility, which, when used with the soon-to-be-launched Olarm LINK, can connect to various third-party peripherals. Users can monitor and control elements such as gates, motors, doors, pumps, and more. All in the Olarm APP

"It is wonderful for us to receive this award as it recognises our team's dedication and hard work in delivering innovative, resilient market-leading products and services that make people safer and alarm response centres smarter."

- Mark Slingsby, Olarm CEO.

Mark Slingsby, Olarm CEO and Mark Anderson, SecureX Portfolio Director. 

"We're deeply honoured to accept this award, a testament to our team's hard work and innovation. We thank the industry for recognising us and our incredible team at Olarm, always pushing boundaries to enhance customer experience. Here's to further exploration, discovery, and achievement."

- Justin Zondagh, Olarm CTO 

Powered by a commitment to excellence and a passion for innovation, Olarm's journey in the smart security sphere is driven by the brilliance of its team. This win is an official testament to the innovation and dedication of our team in creating safer and smarter environments. Together with you, we remain committed to pushing boundaries and envisioning a safer, smarter tomorrow.

Discover more about our existing integrations at Olarm Works With, with more exciting announcements scheduled for this year!