Revolutionising Security: The JVA-Olarm Electric Fence Integration

Oct 30, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of security technology, innovation is the driving force behind staying one step ahead of threats. At Olarm, we understand the need for powerful and adaptable solutions that redefine the way security professionals safeguard their customers. That's why we've partnered with JVA, a renowned leader in electric fence technology, to introduce a groundbreaking integration that sets new standards in security solutions.

Key Differentiators

📶 Olarm PRO 4G Device: Robust Connectivity

At the heart of this integration lies the Olarm PRO 4G universal communicator. This device comes equipped with dual Olarm-managed SIM cards, offering unrivalled connectivity through simultaneous 2G, 4G, and WiFi networks. It ensures resilient, real-time security monitoring, even in areas with fluctuating network coverage.

⚡ Electric Fence Integration: Real-Time Insights

The Olarm-JVA integration seamlessly combines Olarm's advanced security monitoring technology with JVA's electric fence expertise. Both Olarm APP users and security professionals now have access to real-time insights into fence system status, empowering them to respond swiftly to potential threats.

🛠️ Streamlined Installation: Simplifying Security

We understand that complexity can hinder effective security solutions. As will all Olarm communicator installation, JVA setup is fast and simple, ensuring installers are finished in minutes and the system is robust. This user-friendly approach streamlines the deployment of advanced security solutions.

📱 Comprehensive In-App Activity Log: Insights for Oversight

Security professionals and app users can take advantage of the in-app activity log included in the integration. This feature provides valuable insights for self-monitoring, auditing and oversight, enhancing the ability to track security operations effectively.

👥 User

: Remote Control and Access

The Olarm-JVA integration offers robust user management capabilities. Users can add multiple team members to the Olarm app, including the option for time-based access. This feature enables remote management of fence operations and access control, enhancing overall security management.

🖥️ Olarm Command Centre integration: Enhanced Control Room Capabilities

The Olarm-JVA integration offers a deep integration with Olarm Command Centre, empowering control room teams with advanced capabilities. This integration includes Contact ID signal monitoring, allowing control room professionals to receive and respond to security signals swiftly and effectively. This seamless connection between the field and the control room enhances overall security operations, ensuring a rapid and coordinated response to potential threats.

👮 Empowering Security Professionals

Our partnership with JVA, powered by the Olarm PRO 4G device, equips security professionals with a powerful tool to elevate their security offerings. Clients can now enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge security solutions that combine electric fencing with advanced monitoring technology, all backed by unrivalled connectivity.


The Olarm-JVA integration is available now, offering security professionals an opportunity to transform their security services. Discover how this innovation can revolutionise your security solutions by visiting

In the dynamic world of security technology, staying ahead requires innovation. The JVA-Olarm integration represents a leap forward in security solutions, offering unparalleled connectivity, real-time insights, and adaptable simplicity. By embracing this partnership, security professionals can redefine the way they protect their clients, offering cutting-edge solutions that empower their clients and enhance their own security services.