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Connecting Olarm to an Alarm System | Easy to install Security App

Jul 3, 2023

Connecting Olarm to an Alarm System

The Olarm Communicators such as the Olarm PRO and Olarm PRO 4G have been engineered to be quick and easy to install on any supported alarm system. Our reversible cable can be used to connect to a Texecom alarm system, Paradox alarm panels, certain DSC PowerSeries alarm panels, and IDS alarm systems.

Once connected, the Olarm will be powered from the alarm panel and will auto-detect the make & model of the alarm system it is connected to. This reduces the amount of configuration required by the installer helping speed and reduce the complexity of installations.

The Olarm PRO devices can also easily be connected to the customer's Wifi using WPS mode or configuring the Wifi credentials using the Olarm mobile app.

For more information on how to set an Olarm up, please visit this page.