Olarm PRO now supports Texecom Premier Elite

30 Aug. 2023

Following Olarm’s remarkable achievement as OSPA's 2023 winner of 'Outstanding Security Integrator', we have taken another significant step in our innovation journey. The integration with Texecom Premier Elite marks our commitment to continuing to deliver cutting-edge innovative solutions to our partners.

Why Olarm for Texecom Elite?

πŸš€ Effortless Installation

Plug & play setup in minutes with panel auto-detection. 

πŸ”Œ Zero-Failover Connectivity

Enjoy fully managed multi-network 4G/2G, and WiFi communication for ultimate reliability. 

⏲️ Enhanced Time Accuracy

Precise accurate timestamps in the panel event log for efficient troubleshooting, insurance and reporting.

πŸ”„ Auto-time Update

Panel time is set automatically, updating the panel time incase of power loss.

Unleash the Power of Olarm x Texecom Premier Elite

βœ… Automatic Zone Name Sync from Panel
βœ… Remote Programming via Wintex
βœ… Multi-Partition/Area Support
βœ… Date & Time Auto-Update
βœ… Part Arm with 3 Profiles
βœ… Zone Status Monitoring
βœ… Area Status Monitoring
βœ… Historic Signal Syncing
βœ… AC Status Monitoring
βœ… Low Battery Alerts
βœ… Zone Bypassing
βœ… Arm and Disarm
βœ… PGM Control

Unlocking Enhanced Benefits

Part Arming Profiles

Seamlessly support Texecom Elite systems, granting users the ability to implement Part Arming for added convenience.

Time-based Syncing

Harness the full functionality of Texecom alarm systems, leveraging time-dependent features on the alarm panel such as auto-arming and time-based access. Enjoy smoother troubleshooting and cleaner event log reports with accurate time. The panel also will stop beeping when power is restored.

Historic Signal Syncing

Ensure 100%  signals. All signals generated are synced to the control room when the network is available, eliminating missed alerts and ensuring accuracy.

Supported Texecom Premier Elite Models

  • Texecom Premier Elite 24

  • Texecom Premier Elite 64

  • Texecom Premier Elite 88

  • Texecom Premier Elite 168

  • *Coming Soon: Texecom Premier Elite 640

Don't miss out on our comprehensive Olarm Academy Installation Videos for Texecom Premier Elite on our Olarm YouTube channel.

Olarm PRO and Texecom Premier Elite 64 installation

Olarm PRO and Texecom Premier Elite 24 installation

Olarm PRO and Texecom Premier Elite 48/88/168 installation

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