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Olarm Paradox App | Managed 4G and Wifi Dual SIM Communicator

06 Jul. 2023

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Olarm Paradox App

Keeping a vigilant eye on your home security can be a challenging task, especially when you're away on vacation or for business. But fret not, the advanced Olarm Paradox App in conjunction with the Olarm PRO 4G communicator has come to your rescue! This state-of-the-art home security solution offers you the power to stay one step ahead, ensuring your home's safety, and maintaining your neighbour's tranquillity.

The Olarm Paradox App sends you real-time notifications directly to your smartphone, ensuring you're the first to know if your home alarm gets triggered. You no longer need to rely on secondhand information from your neighbours; you're instantly in the know!

With the feature of zone identification, you can pinpoint exactly which area of your home has set off the alarm. This functionality is crucial for both detecting potential security breaches and diagnosing false alarms.

And what if you have confirmed that it's a false alarm? No problem! The Olarm system gives you the power to remotely disarm the alarm system, eliminating any unnecessary noise disturbances and avoiding any undue stress for your neighbours.

False alarms can often be traced back to a specific malfunctioning zone in your house. In such a scenario, the zone bypass feature in the Olarm system allows you to exclude this zone from your active security system. This way, you can stop that faulty zone from repeatedly triggering false alarms until the issue is fixed.

Lastly, this sophisticated home security solution enables you to remotely rearm your security system. Whether you've just resolved a false alarm or experienced a security breach, you can ensure your home continues to be protected at all times.

The Olarm Paradox App and the Olarm PRO 4G communicator make a dynamic duo for home security management. They offer a comprehensive solution that keeps your property secure, your neighbours happy, and your peace of mind intact. Remember, regular maintenance checks and updates to your security system are crucial for avoiding frequent false alarms and ensuring your system's reliability.

Adding to the robust capabilities of the Olarm Paradox App and the Olarm PRO 4G communicator is its seamless connectivity. The communicator isn't just reliant on WiFi. It comes with the provision of 2 SIM cards, a feature designed to bolster the steadfastness of your security system's connection.

These dual SIM cards, fully managed by Olarm, significantly enhance the system's connectivity robustness. They ensure that your security alerts and controls are not impacted by fluctuations in WiFi signal strength or internet outages.

What's more, the cost of these SIM cards and the data they use are encompassed in a simple monthly subscription. This effectively eliminates the need for you to handle the cumbersome task of managing separate SIM cards and data subscriptions.

This additional connectivity layer offered by the Olarm PRO 4G communicator underscores the reliability of your home security system. It provides consistent performance, ensures uninterrupted surveillance, and most importantly, keeps your property secure while freeing you from any connectivity-related hassles. Thus, with the Olarm system, you not only get superior security control but also an ease of use that makes home security management a breeze.