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Olarm IDS App | Super easy to install

07 Jul. 2023

Olarm Para
Olarm Para

Olarm IDS App

The Olarm IDS Alarm App allows users of supported IDS alarm panels to remotely control & monitor their alarm systems and enable features such as Arm, Disarm, Stay Arm, Bypass, Push Notifications, Time Based User Access, and a lot more.

Supported IDS alarm panels include:

  • IDS 805

  • IDS 806

  • IDS X-Series

    • IDS X16

    • IDS X64

  • IDS X-Series Serial

The Olarm ecosystem allows customers to connect a wide range of alarm panels from a range of brands such as Inhep IDS, Paradox, Texecom, DSC, and Nemtek to one system with a unified interface.

Please visit the following pages for more information on the Olarm mobile app & Olarm PRO 4G communicator.