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Olarm DSC Alarm App

03 Jul. 2023

Olarm DSC App

The Olarm DSC Alarm App allows users to remotely monitor & control DSC PowerSeries alarm panels providing them with peace of mind even when away from their home or business.

The Olarm DSC App provides users with a wide range of functionality including arming, stay arming, disarming, zone bypass, setting zone labels in-app, receiving AC fail notifications when the power goes off, zone-in-alarm notifications, and much more.

The installation of an Olarm PRO 4G on a DSC alarm panel is really quick and easy thanks to simple wiring and auto-configuration of the Olarm device. Minimal setup is required in the Olarm DSC Mobile App.

The Olarm PRO 4G DSC Communicator ships with 2 Olarm-managed SIM cards in South Africa and a multi-IMSI roaming SIM card to other territories taking the pain out of the complex task of managing SIM cards & Connectivity on 4G alarm communicators. The Olarm PRO 4G furthermore offers Wifi and is therefore classed as a multi-path alarm communicator providing users with the network redundancy they require.

Olarm-enable your DSC alarm systems today!