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Olarm’s Cancel Responder - Simple, quick and convenient!

16 Aug. 2023

Now there’s an easier – and quicker – way to let your Security Company know when you’ve accidentally set the alarm off.

Olarm’s Cancel Responder feature lets you immediately cancel a user generated alarm right from your Olarm APP while also notifying your Security Company to stop the call-out. (If in any duress it will also send a silent help signal.)

How to enable the Cancel Responder feature in the Olarm APP


  • The Cancel Responder feature is only available if your connected Security Company offers the service.

  • Only the primary user of a device can set up the Cancel Responder feature.

Step 1: Open Settings (top right menu button in the Olarm APP) and tap on ‘Set up Cancel Responder’.

Step 2: Select 1 emoji as your security answer, and that’s it!

⚠️ Don’t see this option? Contact your Security Company and ask for the Olarm Cancel Responder feature to be enabled.

How to use the Cancel Responder feature in the Olarm APP:

Action 1: When an alarm is triggered for an area, the primary user will get an in-app banner to confirm Cancel Responder. (Secondary users are notified of the alarm being triggered.)

Action 2: The primary user has 3 minutes to select an emoji that will decide what signal is sent to the Security Company.

Action 3: By selecting the correct secret emoji, you’ll notify the Security Company to cancel the call-out.

Other Actions:

  • If you select the incorrect emoji, a silent duress signal is sent to your Security Company and they will respond to you.

  • If you do not select an emoji, your Security Company responds as per usual.

Cancel Responder & Secondary Users

  • The Cancel Responder feature sends alert notifications and activity log events to all users sharing the device.

  • Secondary users are notified as soon as Cancel Responder is activated but will not have access to choose the action or be notified of the action taken.

  • The primary user's decision on cancelling the user generated alarm or sending a silent duress signal will remain private and only be visible to the Security Company service.

What is the difference between Cancel Responder and Panic?

  • Cancel Responder is only triggered when an alarm has been activated and the primary user will need to decide whether it is a user generated alarm for accidents or send a silent duress to the connected Security Company for support.

  • Silent Panic is a deliberate alert signal sent by any user requiring emergency support without any
    alarms being triggered.

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