Apr 10, 2023

Step 1 - Locate your alarm panel

Note that the alarm panel is not the keypad. Alarm panels are typically installed in a hidden location in the home such as a cupboard or basement.

olarm IDS 806

Step 2 - Unbox your Olarm PRO

The Olarm PRO box includes the following:

  1. 1x Olarm PRO device

  2. 1x Connector cable

  3. 2x Screws & wall plugs

  4. 1x Drill hole template & LED colour legend

Step 3 - Download the Olarm mobile app & register your device

Scan the QR code (left), or navigate to your App store on your device and search for ‘Olarm’. This Olarm PRO will require an active subscription to function.

Please contact your installer or speak to for more information.

Step 4 - Configure the alarm panel

This section will guide you through entering a series of codes and settings to allow the alarm panel and Olarm PRO to communicate. 

  • Ensure that the alarm system is powered up and on. 

  • Check that the alarm is disarmed. 

  • Press [#] to clear the keypad. 

  • Enter the installer menu by typing the [installer code] followed by a [*]. 

  • The default installer code is [9999] or [999999]. If these do not work, please contact the alarm installer who installed / manages the alarm system. 

  • From the installer menu, enter the code [196] followed by [*]. 

  • Enter the serial security code [123456] followed by [*]. 

  • Press [#] button 2 to 3 times until you hear 4 to 5 beeps from the keypad, this will take you out of the installer menu. 

Step 5 - Power down the alarm panel

Disconnect the battery and unplug the transformer from the power source to power down the alarm panel before you continue.

Step 6 - Connect the connector cable

  • Connect the 5-pin side of the connector cable to an Olarm IDS 806 adapter board.

  • Connect the 4-pin side of the connector cable to the port labelled ‘UNIVERSAL’ on the Olarm PRO. 

Note: These adapter boards are sold separately to the Olarm PRO and can be purchased directly from Olarm. Please contact should you want to order.

Step 7 - Connect the adaptor board to the alarm panel 

Connect the Olarm IDS 806 adapter board to the IDS 806 alarm panel as indicated below. 

Step 8 - Power up the alarm panel

Reconnect the battery and plug the transformer back into the power source. The Olarm PRO should light up should light up as per the chart in the next step. 

Step 9 - Check your Olarm PRO’s status


If your device LED remains flashing green for more than 3 minutes - please check the connection between the Olarm PRO and the alarm panel.

If your device LED is red - please check the connection between the Olarm PRO and the alarm panel.

If your device LED is orange - please ensure that the Olarm PRO is located in an area with good mobile signal strength and away from any metal enclosures that could be interfering with the signal.

If your device LED is not coming on - please check the connection between the Olarm PRO and the alarm panel and that the alarm panel is connected to power.If your device LED remains purple for more than 15 minutes - please contact Olarm Support:+27 21 009 0911 or

Step 10 - Mount the Olarm PRO

Mount your device using the screws and drill template provided. We suggest mounting the Olarm PRO device on a wall as far from the panel as possible.

Note: Please do NOT mount the Olarm PRO near any other radio equipment. They may interfere with each other and result in your device not functioning correctly. 

Do NOT install the Olarm PRO inside the alarm panel box.

The Olarm PRO device is NOT weather resistant, and you will need to install it in a suitable non-metal enclosure if outdoors.

Step 11 - Connect to WiFi

Please follow the in-app guide to connect your Olarm PRO to WiFi for enhanced connectivity. 

Note: The Olarm PRO needs an active GSM connection to set-up WiFi. The Olarm PRO only supports 2.4GHz WiFi.

Troubleshooting IDS 806 Problems 

Should the system not be arming or disarming through the Olarm APP, ensure that the Master/Keypad Code has been entered in the app under the page “device setup”

Final Checklist 

Olarm recommends that the following checklist be used to ensure that all aspects of the installation have been covered.

Installation Position 

  • Have I mounted the Olarm PRO securely away from the alarm panel to ensure minimal signal interference?

  • Have I mounted the Olarm PRO away from any metal enclosures to ensure minimal signal interference?

  • Have I ensured that the installation location/environment is suitable for the Olarm PRO?

  • Is the Olarm PRO connector cable shorter than 8 meters to ensure ideal panel-device communication?

Olarm PRO Connectivity  

  • Is the Olarm PRO connected to the user’s Olarm APP?

  • Have I checked that the Olarm PRO has good connectivity via GSM?

  • Have I set up and connected the Olarm PRO to the client’s available WiFi?

Testing App / Keypad Functionality 

Have I checked and tested the alarm functionality on both the app and keypad?


  • Arm 

  • Disarm 

  • Panic 

  • Alarm Signal 


  • Arm 

  • Disarm 

  • Panic 

  • Alarm

  • Signal

Control Room Signal Check

Have I checked with the control room that the monitoring software recorded the signals?

Control Room:

  • Arm

  • Disarm

  • Panic

  • Alarm Signal

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